Expertly enriching your online business

Located Deep In The Okanagan Valley Of British Columbia, Canada, Data McFly prides itself On Building Innovative New Services That Make Your Life Easier.

Headless Experts

A better way to build

We specialize in headless solutions and integration, using tools such as Strapi, Sanity, or DirectUs, we tailor them to fit your needs.

We can help you fit any solution headlessly into your app.

Content Your Way

All solutions are developed with a custom tailored interface geared towards your needs

Global Edge Network

We deploy our Headless solutions to a global edge network which means low latency, high speed access to your content

Static Files When You Need Them

All uploads are deployed to our CDN network which makes them available anywhere

Tools Of Your Choice

We specialize in Consulting And Development of: Strapi, Contentful, Sanity, DirectUs, Netlify CMS, WordPress, Shopify, Hasura, Prisma